Recommended Reading: How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate by Darryl Davis 

This read is very detailed yet easy to understand and implement.  It can be used by a new agent or experienced agent.  If you are an agent that has hit a plateau and looking to refocus and get back to the basics (foundation), this is your book.  For the new agent this is definitely for you.  It even comes with an action plan, forms and worksheets.   

You will learn twenty potent time-management techniques for working with clients.  You’ll discover six key concepts of prospecting, how to conduct a successful listing presentation, and the ten commandments of objection handling.  You will learn how to market your listings and show properties, present offers and skillfully facilitate negotiations.  One of my favorites is “farming for dollars.” 

Things you will learn in addition to the above are: 

  • 16 powerful ways to find prospects 
  • 4 key reasons why listings are so important (list to last) 
  • 22 winning dialogues for handling objections 
  • 10 effective ways to work with buyers 
  • 8 essential concepts of self-promotion 
  • 18 servicing tips and techniques for your referral base 

Now, this book was written in 2003 so some of what you will read does not apply.  Unless of course you still you a pager.  With that being said, the information contained in this book is still very vital to the success of a new or experienced agent.  A must read for any real estate professional.   

Tim Greiwe

Hyde Park Sales Manager

Lohmiller Real Estate

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