How Much Needs to Be Done to My House Before Putting It on the Market?

Before you put your home on the market, you might wonder exactly how much you need to do to prepare your property. My answer to that depends on how much you are trying to sell it for.  Price can compensate anything.  If you want top dollar for your house as to end up on the high end of a market analysis, then you will want it turn key ready.  If price is not the biggest factor to you then lower the asking price to compensate the condition or any work that needs to be done to it and have your agent note that in the description.  The reason for that is a buyer will see the lower price then look at the home and want to offer even lower because of the condition.  If it is already mentioned that the condition was factored into the price already it should help.

On another note most times the answer is far less than the owner thinks needs to be done.  I’ve gone into many homes and told the homeowner that it was good the way it was.  They were stunned.  So instead of always wondering and over thinking things, have your agent check it out and then plan accordingly.  Do not get anxiety worrying about something that might not be a problem. Ask your realtor first.

Tim Greiwe

Hyde Park Sales Manager

Lohmiller Real Estate

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