Lohmiller_RCS_LogoIf you’ve decided that DIY is not for you then the next step is to find the right
contractor. You may think to always call “the best” “top rated” most reviewed
for your project. Then you might find that the contractor doesn’t call you back
or doesn’t have time for your project…
Try the 3 Rs…Research, Referral, Repeat
Research the particular job that you need done. How long will this take? How
much will this cost me? Will a general contractor be able to handle the project
or would I prefer a specialist?
Ask for referrals. Ask your neighbors who they’ve used before that would be
the right fit for you. Looking through online reviews or community boards will
also help in finding the perfect fit. Ask as many questions as you can before
the job is started.
Repeat. After you’ve found the right contractor for you you’ll need to follow
the same process until the job is complete. There might be another issue that
comes along even if you just wanted a simple repair done. Be prepared to
research the next step, ask questions and find the right solution!
Or try the 4th R: call Residential and Commercial Services! We offer free
estimates and only work with licensed and insured contractors. Residential
Services streamlines the process and completion of any potential job you
may have. We are the general contracting division of Lohmiller Real Estate,
where one call handles it all!


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